Who are we? ?

We are the world’s Joker Game?

Joker Game is a tech company located in Istanbul that creates, develops and publishes mobile games since 2016. We are passionate about creating online / social games.

How is our way? ?️

It’s so simple:) Dream, Create, Fun!

What is our DREAM? ?

We want to deliver the most entertaining experience to all mobile users and make them connected to each other.

What have we been CREATING so far? ?

We’ve been creating one of the most popular card games in mobile app markets. We’ve reached more than 4,500,000 registered users both online and offline. “Batak Club” is featured on Top Free & Grossing Card Games lists on both App Store and Google Play. There are a lot of fancy games in the pipeline. 15 games have been added to Batak Club already ?

How do we have FUN? ?

We’re in the game. How can we not have fun? We see ourselves in the playground like kids. It’s always ok to try, fall and get dirty. We enjoy learning new things, growing up together and challenging the world… We don’t see more fun things than this!

What are we looking for? ?

We’re seeking to team up with star players for our journey to go beyond the limits and make Joker Game one of the best tech companies in the world. So the question is:

Are you passionate enough to rewrite the record books of the industry and ready to be a key player of a team in our fast paced growing start-up environment?